Thursday, August 19, 2010

Martian Child

Gravity belt: check
Sunscreen: check
Cardboard box: check
If you have all these things nearby than you are obviously not from this planet. Dont feel bad, Dennis isnt either. In fact he is from Mars. On his search for a place in this world, Dennis stumbles upon David. Together they learn that be ordinary isnt ordinary at all. Prepare to embark on an intergalatic journey.

As you know, you cant bring liquids into space (at least none greater than 3 ounces) so this milkshake shake is approved by TSA and NASA.
I Almost Vaporized Your Milkshake
3 ounces milk
1 package dehydrated chocolate icecream
Combine at 30,000 feet for best results.

The story of a man becoming a father and a boy becoming a human son.


What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

Leonardo. Johnny. How could you go wrong? Well apparently you can. While we expected some flesh eating, we were mistaken. Oh boy, were we mistaken. So what is eating Gilbert Grape? His overweight mother who hasnt left the house in 7 years? Or his challenged brother? Or his sister who thinks purple lipstick and blue eyeshadow is attractive? Whatever it is that is eating him alive is about to get sick.

Peek-a-boo Arnie
3 scoops of vanilla icecream
a plop of milk
13 hot tamales

Your mouth will be on fire after this one ;)


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Sassy Girl

Remake of the smash hit Korean film, this movie does not disappoint. Remember rule #5: you must finish the movie! The ending of this one ties the quirky romance together making it worthwhile. Just when you think you figured out the movie, sure enough it will change and you will be flabbergasted in the end! Jordan is one drunk and sassy girl.

Only when you are 33 minutes into the movie can you enjoy the enlightenment of the
Red Rose
3 scoops of Bluebell chocolate ice-cream (detecting a trend yet)
a dollop of milk
2 Oreo cookies
3 chopped strawberries

Destiny is the bridge you build to the ones you love *gag*


Pet Shop: by Special Correspondant "Repooc"

This charmer of a movie will warm it's way into your heart with its intense action, loveable characters, and brilliant direction. This movie centers a group of childeren who unwitingly adopt pets from another universe! The pet shop is run by aliens disguised as cowboys who have a taste for Earthlings! But tragedy strikes when the Ferbie-like aliens all come down with a mysterious illness. Watch this comedic thriller to find out if the pets survive!
While indulging in this instant classic, enjoy a milkshake that's
3 scoops of chocolate Bluebell ice cream
A splash of milk
1 crushed mini candy cane
2 drops of green food coloring
This movie is stellar!


Have you ever wondered what to do on your first date? I've got one word for you, BOWLING! but not in a bowling alley! No, first stop - Goodwill -to buy a bowling ball. Then name them, because everyone needs an identity. Keith will tell you what to do next.
This is a humdinger of a movie. Jesse McCartney beautiful sole still shines through in this tear jerking drama.

If you can tear your eyes off of Jesse McCartney long enough to make a milkshake, you will find that this one will make you
Wanting S'more
3 scoops of Bluebell Chocolate ice-cream
a splash of milk
4 large marshmellow, splurge for JetPuffed
1 gram cracker

Love is a force you can't control


The Other End of the Line

With romantic qualities similar to Romeo and Juliet, Priya and Granger fufil our expectations in the cultural fushion of east and west! oh goodness!
Take a journey around the world with this "charming romantic comedy". This story follows young Priya who takes a leap of faith, by coming to Americal, to meet a stranger, Granger, whom she met on The Other End of the Line!
Dramatic enough for you?

We enjoyed this quirky film while sipping a frothy milkshake (recipe follows)
Call Waiting, Chocolate Waiting
3 scoops of Chocolate Bluebell ice-cream(nothing but the best)
a dash of milk
2 Mexican cinnamon cookies (we are going all out mulicultural here)
1 Cinnamon stick to swirl it up (added after blending of course)

Two countries. Two cultures. One chance at love.


Mission: Milkshakes + Movies

All alone, sitting in Blockbuster, waiting for someone to pick them up, yes you guessed it...
UNHEARD OF MOVIES! We here at Milkshakes + Movies try to give these movies a home in our hearts and memories.
Sweetened with Milkshakes, these interesting movies will come a part of your life and earn a place in your heart.

Movie Criteria:
1. Cannot be more than two copies of it at Blockbuster (or local movie rental shack)
2. Cannot be anything you have heard of before you read this blog
3. Cannot watch the movie alone, cause whats the fun of that?!
4. Must enjoy with milkshakes or maybe even a smoothie
5. No matter how lame the beginning (or middle) is, the movie must be completed

*If you know of an unheard of movie tell us about it here at