Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mission: Milkshakes + Movies

All alone, sitting in Blockbuster, waiting for someone to pick them up, yes you guessed it...
UNHEARD OF MOVIES! We here at Milkshakes + Movies try to give these movies a home in our hearts and memories.
Sweetened with Milkshakes, these interesting movies will come a part of your life and earn a place in your heart.

Movie Criteria:
1. Cannot be more than two copies of it at Blockbuster (or local movie rental shack)
2. Cannot be anything you have heard of before you read this blog
3. Cannot watch the movie alone, cause whats the fun of that?!
4. Must enjoy with milkshakes or maybe even a smoothie
5. No matter how lame the beginning (or middle) is, the movie must be completed

*If you know of an unheard of movie tell us about it here at

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